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Cloud Advantages

Mobility Advantages coming from the Cloud

Your MCL Mobility Solution not only offers you advantages for your mobility operators in terms of enhanced productivity, improved overall business performance, and reduced costs, it also offers advantages for your operational Mobility System management.

Typically traditional Mobility Solutions are composed of many several sub systems, each of them having their own specific functional focus and activity and are often (too much) custom designed or coded and consequently cannot deliver you the Cloud benefits.

The full potential of the cloud based mobility management system is much more than a cost-focused return-on-investment( ROI) model. Selecting MCL' Mobility Platform can help organisations be more innovative in rolling out new applications, user interfaces and processes for their (voice) Operators and financially de-risk your business from (typically 5 years) locked-in IT investments.
Your investments are now much closer to your operational requirements.

Next Generation Financial Model

MCL's Mobility Platform is offering your organization a shift from CAPEX to OPEX financial model for the voice system. The cloud based MCL Mobility Platform is paid for via a subscription, a monthly fee per device which includes software updates, support, help desk and other services.
MCL-Mobility Platform is offered in several subscription packages and with different life-times matching your exact business needs. Should you require additional mobility users, simply expand your subscription.
Your Mobility Solution is allowing you to control your operating cost and is stabilizing the year-on-year budgeting process and it is eliminating CAPEX justifications during challenging business conditions.

Reduced impact on IT Resources

MCL's cloud based Mobility Platform limits the need of your IT teams to an absolute minimum.
You just open a browser, log in, customize the app to your needs, and start using it.
Your IT resources are no longer assigned to time consuming, complicated installation procedures and management of servers or software, instead they will experience a straightforward and easy one-time setup to get the MCL Mobility Platform solution up and running.

Short Implementation times, Quick Returns

Your Mobility Solutions requires significantly less time to be implemented when compared with traditional mobility solutions. First of all, your Mobility Application Provider is using MCL's Development solutions, with pre-build interfacing options which will offer reduced implementation times. Next to this, MCL Mobility Platform is a ready to go application running in the Cloud offered by a simple browser login access to a variety of services without the need to setup on-premise servers.
Your organization can more easily test-run the Mobility Application provided by your integration partner followed by a smooth transition to your real live installation.
Start benefiting immediately from your Mobility Solution and focus on optimizing your business.


  • MCL Technologies is a computer software company that provides leading products for building, implementing and maintaining Mobility Applications. It offers an industry leading Development, Interfacing and SaaS based Mobile Lifecycle Management environment for business mobility solutions through its five major product lines: MCL-Designer, MCL-Client, MCL-Net, MCL-Bridges (ERP/WMS/DB/Web), and MCL-Mobility Platform

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